Contract Negotiation

Working together, you can lever off our market knowledge and experience to strengthen your position. Key Energy & Resources have a transparent fee structure that passes on all of the savings and lets our clients retain overall control of the project.

We look at price, commercial terms and value-added services so that you get a broad understanding of the issues and can make an informed decision that brings the best results.

Energy Cost Auditing

Are your energy bills correct? Are you on the right network tariff? Are costs as low as possible? For some of us the answer is probably yes. But, there are still too many errors and too many customers who are paying too much.

Key Energy & Resources have a set of services to help ensure that your energy bills are as low as possible, by ensuring that your tariffs are correct, that there are no billing errors, and that your energy data (consumption and cost) is safely warehoused for future use.

We have a complete set of services that can reconstruct your account from meter data, reconcile invoiced costs against actual costs, monitor energy use against production and identify potential savings.

Energy Planning

Are your energy saving initiatives haphazardly bolted onto your process or are they well thought out, properly planned and integrated with your management initiatives? Let us show us how a proper energy plan can bring long-term benefits and savings.

Energy costs will rise and a holistic, integrated approach to energy management is the best way to contain these costs. Tools for the economic evaluation of future projects that really do consider future energy costs include training, behavioral change and monitoring.

Connection Agreements

Connection agreements dictate your access to energy infrastructure (gas pipes and transmission lines etc.) and specify the relevant charging regime that could last for ten years or more. Key Energy & Resources can help you negotiate an equitable connection agreement that protects your interests and minimizes exposure to long term costs.

Greenhouse Planning

Australia's position on the Kyoto Protocol, international greenhouse treaties, carbon trading and carbon taxes are still a subject of hot debate. Are you prepared for future developments? Do you have a greenhouse inventory and are your liabilities understood? Let Key Energy & Resources help you establish an effective strategy to become a good corporate citizen, a responsible environmental participant and minimise your liabilities.